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Therapeutic Exercise

Controlled exercises for cervical stability


Through a specific program of cervical exercises, we try to improve cranio-cervical stability, both flexor and extensor muscles.

In most cases the lack of coordination between the deep and superficial cervical musculature, results in microtrauma on the joints between vertebrae that have a harmful effect and increase both cervical and head pain (headache).

Cervical «Stabilizer»

Stabilizer is a tool that allows us, on the one hand, to evaluate the state of the deep cervical flexor muscles, as well as their treatment through specific controlled exercise.

Through biofeedback we achieve the activation of the cervical stabilizing musculature and decrease the activity of the superficial musculature, which allows the improvement of the specific movement of the cervical segment.

The cervical pain acts on the deep musculature inhibiting its capacity of contraction, reason why within the treatment objectives is the implementation of the capacity of contraction.

When we get a coordinated movement where the muscles work in a coordinated way, we reduce the microtrauma that sometimes causes cervical pain.

In addition, in most situations of cervical instability, the cervical musculature itself develops pain due to sensitization and overuse. That is why the controlled therapeutic exercise results in decreased pain and improved function.

Manual TMJ Therapy

Improvement of joint biomechanics.

Dry Needling

The use of puncture on the musculature for the treatment of trigger points.

Pain Education

Therapeutic education.

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