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Manual TMJ Therapy

Improves jaw pain


Manual therapy is an effective treatment in therapies on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), physiotherapy for the treatment of TMJ dysfunction based treatment on manual therapy.

Physiotherapy plays a fundamental role in the treatment of TemporoMandibular Dysfunction (TMD) or jaw pain, returning to the tissues the mechanical capabilities so that they can perform their function again.

Objectives of TMJ treatment:

The objectives of physiotherapy are to promote tissue repair, improve function and decrease pain in the jaw.

The treatment of the temporomandibular joint should be based on fundamental criteria such as diagnosis, pain mechanisms, clinical situation, psychosocial aspects involved and should always take into account patient preferences.


What physiotherapy can do in jaw pain?:

Orthopedic Manual Therapy, is perhaps one of the best known physiotherapy tools, however, not all professionals are accustomed to dealing with patients suffering from this type of pathology. Our specialists when dealing only with this area of ​​the body have acquired great skills to control the amount of load that can be administered in the doses of Manual Therapy.

Manual therapy is defined as a “clinical approach that uses precise manual techniques, including, but not limited to, manipulation / mobilization techniques, and which are practiced by physiotherapists to diagnose and treat soft tissues,

We treat the mandibular muscle and joint structures with the purpose of obtaining a modulation in pain; increase the range of motion; reduce or eliminate soft tissue inflammation; induce relaxation; improve repair of contractile and non-contractile tissues, their extensibility, and / or stability; facilitate movement; and improve function”.

Physiotherapy is effective in the treatment of headache:

Headaches and migraines, the two large groups that generate headache must be properly diagnosed to be able to perform a proper treatment for headache. There are several groups depending on the specific symptoms generated by headaches or migraines, but in a high percentage of cases physiotherapy is presented as a very effective alternative for the treatment of headaches, and even in many cases of the dreaded migraines.

It is very common that the diagnosis of headache has not been properly established according to the criteria of the IHS, so it is essential to know the symptoms of the headache to be able to establish a correct diagnosis on which to start with a plan of proper treatment.

Physiotherapy in this case represents a totally effective alternative for cervical treatment, which in many cases is responsible for the headache.

Dry Needling

The use of puncture on the musculature for the treatment of trigger points.

Therapeutics Exercises

Controlled exercises for cervical stability

Educación en Dolor

Educación terapéutica.

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