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Mandibular and TMJ Treatment


We combine different types of treatments on the TemporoMandibular Articulation, endorsed by different scientific studies. The objective of our therapies are the cervico-cranial-mandibular sphere, the orofacial pain and the TMJ (Temporomandibular Articulation).

The objective is to restore the correct functioning of the jaw during the fundamental functions of chewing, swallowing and phonation. This correct functioning is sometimes due to an articular problem, most frequently due to dislocation of the TMJ articular disc, but also due to pain caused by the commitment of the mandibular musculature.

Characteristics of the Mandible

The jaw constitutes a bony segment, located in the face that hangs against gravity held only by musculature. It has several characteristics that make it different from the rest to other body segments:

  1. The movement is bilateral: The movement of the jaw in any of its possibilities implies that the two temporomandibular joints move.
  2. The ATM is covered with fibrous cartilage: The joint surface of the TMJ is resistant to pressure thanks to its fibrous covering, different from the rest of the joints, although it is very sensitive to friction.
  3. Articular disc of the joint: It has a joint disc that interposes between the two articular surfaces and protects them from the roze and facilitates movement, although sometimes it is the main responsible for alterations, when it moves erroneously, sometimes causing blockages joint.
  4. The occlusion: The occlusion is the end of the movement in the mandibular closure, so in opening it is possible to force the joint something else and if not prepared to damage it, but in the occlusion closure protects the joint and makes it impossible to force it more.

Treatment of the Jaw

The jaw can therefore undergo joint alterations, which fundamentally involve joint blockages due to displacement of the articular disc and sometimes due to an increase in muscle contraction of the masseter, temporalis, pterygoid muscles, etc., all of which are mandibular closing muscles, which prevent develop the mandibular opening correctly.

As for the mandibular musculature, it is mainly responsible for the pain that is located on the face, often due to the appearance of myofascial trigger points. The main treatment of these trigger points in the mandibular musculature are the manual therapy treatments and the dry puncture


Terapia Manual

Terapia manual sobre el complejo cráneo-cervico-mandibular que devuelva un movimiento normal a la zona para tratar de disminuir el dolor y restablecer el correcto funcionamiento.

Neuralgias del Trigémino

Tratamiento especializado de todo tipo de neuralgias: Glosofaringea, Trigeminal, de Arnold (occipital mayor)

Tratamiento de Columna Cervical

Tratamientos de columna cervical, que en general esta relacionada con la mayoria de los procesos dolorosos de cabeza, boca y cuello.

Fisioterapia en Cirugía Maxilofacial

Tratamientos pre y post-quirúrgicos en cirugía maxilofacial, lo que nos ayuda a disminuir los plazos y las consecuencias de la intervención.

Tratamiento de Cefaleas y Migrañas

Tratamiento específico de cefaleas y migrañas, basados en un correcto diagnóstico basado en las guías clínicas actuales de la International Headache Society.

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