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Physiotherapy in Maxillofacial Surgery



Maxillofacial surgery, is currently a frequent practice in dentofacial malformations, interventions of this type are aggressive for the maxillary and mandibular segments, as well as for surrounding tissues, which are subjected to a very severe trauma, so that physiotherapy is a safe and effective treatment to combat the direct side effects of surgery.

Physiotherapy in the pre-surgical process and in the post-surgical process, represents a significant difference in the recovery processes. In very general data, recovery after maxillofacial surgery is usually improved when the patient undergoes specific physiotherapy treatments, achieving maximum active oral opening, in reduced periods of time.

Minor Surgeries: Arthrocentesis and Arthroscopies

There are numerous interventions that can be carried out by the maxillofacial surgeon in the cranial segment, many of them try to restore the correct functioning of the head parts that allow us to have a life as well as possible. Sometimes the surgical process is very aggressive for the soft tissue which requires the posterior physiotherapy intervention to help the musculature to work properly.

We not only talk about orthognathic surgery, but on occasions of minor interventions, that with the help of adequate physiotherapy, we can restore the correct function in less time, for example after ARTHROCENTESIS, where the patient is subjected to a minor intervention that tries to perform a wash of the joint inside, to restore the proper functioning of it. Without the immediate intervention of the physiotherapist, in order to continue with the correct movement of the condyle-disc complex, in many cases the result can be reduced in a few days.

The ARTHROSCOPY is a surgical process where besides the washing of the articulation some internal changes in the articulation can be made thanks to the internal vision of the condyle-disc complex. In this case, it is equally important to establish a good rehabilitation program for the mandibular complex, to try to stabilize the changes made in the joint and translate into a real implementation of the joint function.

Bimaxillary Orthognathic Surgery

Edema is one of the first consequences of the surgical process, which hinders the patient’s life, from communication to hygiene, so the first objective of physiotherapy is to try to reduce the edema of the face to be able to work other objectives more specific.

In the case of orthognathic surgery, physiotherapy manages to shorten, within the biological possibilities, the recovery periods of normal function. It has been seen that the maximum active opening is an objective that improves weeks after a protocol of intervention in physiotherapy. Since the removal of the intermaxillary fixation, with proper control, it must begin to mobilize actively in the range of motion that the patient possesses.

Through manual treatment, and some specific massage technique that is taught to patients, the sensitivity lost in the intervention, related to the chin and lower lip, shortens the recovery period, several weeks..


Tratamiento Mandibular

Tratamiento de la alteraciones mandibulares que cursan con dolor o dificultad para el movimiento (incapacidad para abrir la boca).

Neuralgias del Trigémino

Tratamiento especializado de todo tipo de neuralgias: Glosofaringea, Trigeminal, de Arnold (occipital mayor)

Tratamiento de Columna Cervical

Tratamientos de columna cervical, que en general esta relacionada con la mayoria de los procesos dolorosos de cabeza, boca y cuello.

Terapia Manual

Terapia manual sobre el complejo cráneo-cervico-mandibular que devuelva un movimiento normal a la zona para tratar de disminuir el dolor y restablecer el correcto funcionamiento.

Tratamiento de Cefaleas y Migrañas

Tratamiento específico de cefaleas y migrañas, basados en un correcto diagnóstico basado en las guías clínicas actuales de la International Headache Society.

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